Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tie-Dye Birthday Cake

Welcome to Tyna's Tie-Dye Cake Tutorial. 

So, I made a tie-dye cake for my friend, Lindsey's, 30th birthday.

I got the idea from Bird on a Cage. It was pretty cool, so I tried it. I will cut into it tomorrow and post an update of the inside, but here is what I have so far. *Updated with photo

I used:
Betty Crocker Super Moist Vanilla Cake x 2
Betty CrockerGel Food Coloring (Neon)
McCormick Assorted, Blue Food Coloring
CakeMate Squeeze Icing, Classic Colors Blue
Instead of oil I used Mott's applesauce. Used the called for amount 1/3 cup.
Egg Whites
Whipped Vanilla Frosting

Divide the batter into equal parts.

Add color to the batter.

Layer colors with 1/2 cup scoops one on top of the other. Repeat until gone.

(Very pleasing to the eye.)

To make a star-burst design use a toothpick and run it from the center out.

To make a flower design: 
Run a toothpick from the outside toward the center. Once in the center, make a circle.

When the cake is baked, cut off the top to make it level and munch the yumminess or make cake balls.

(The rainbow mess)

Ice it all over. A crumb layer isn't necessary.

I forgot to take a photo but on the top of the icing, but I made rings of each gel food coloring (lighest to darkest). I tried to do the same on the sides, but it came out clumpy, but the final product was still a success. 

I used a new paintbrush and made swipes from the center to the edge and then edge to the center, alternating between the two so it would look different.

(Note: make sure to wipe the brush after each swipe.
 Once I was done, I used the bottom edge of the gel coloring and made a spiral, starting from the center and working my way out.)

Then, I created a star-burst using the bottom edge of the gel.

I did the same thing on the sides.

And this is the final product.


The inside