Monday, December 26, 2011

The Super Awesome Fun Show

My son loves puppets. We went to a local shop in town and they had a puppet theater for $85. I can't bring myself to pay for something that is so cheaply made, so I decided to make him one for Christmas.

I bought some wood. It was about $26 for the press board. I don't have dimensions because it's another thing I have just worked through.

I used a drill and cut a hole into the press board and then cut out a rectangle. Then, I cut a 2x4 in to smaller pieces and used them for legs to make it sturdy. I made cutouts in the center of the legs so the press board would fit into it snug. 

My first attempt at painting it was unsuccessful. I used Krylon primer and blue spray paint. It sucked. I was feeling down because no matter how many tutorials I read about spray paint I cannot do it.

I was at Walmart talking to a guy in the paint section when a helpful man that worked for Krylon walked up to me and started to give me well needed advice. 

I ended up going with a latex based paint.

My sister-in-law used her Cricut to cut out the lettering for me.

I used a dowel rod to hang the curtain and small hooks to hold it up. 

I think I may eventually add some chalkboard paint on the bottom so he can add showtimes.


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